Wedding Planning 101 for the Groom

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Most people think that wedding preparations are for the bride to deal with alone. The truth is that it should be a joint effort. The wedding is for the couple, after all. The bride will appreciate the groom stepping up concerning some aspects. How can the groom lift some of the weight off her bride’s shoulders?

Help Her with the Major Decisions

Be active with the major aspects such as the budget, guest list, and venue. This will give you the advantage to choose things that will make you more comfortable. For example, you may agree to pick a quaint country wedding venue for your Minnesota wedding.

Rustic-themed weddings are more carefree than their formal counterpart. They will not make you too stiff on your wedding day. Being on the game early on the preparation will also help avoid disagreements later on.

Give Her Relentless Support

The major stress of the preparation falls on the bride. This is the reason even the best gals sometimes have bridezilla moments. Avoid this scenario by always having her back. When you see her overwhelmed with it all, invite her out to unwind. A massage will be a nice idea. Also, be on time and be fully present when she requires your company. Do not nod mindlessly with her questions.

Gather the Best for Your Team

Picking groomsmen should be the groom’s responsibility. Choose the men whom you treasure and have cordial relationships with your bride. Also, be sure to keep them updated about fitting and rehearsals. You can have your best man assist you with this task. But do not let this extra burden go to your bride. Own this part of the preparation.

wedding planning for the groom

Be in Charge of Your Attire

Just as your bride is being selective about her dress, be conscientious about your suit. Not that you will pick on every little detail, but make sure that it is a perfect fit. Prepare yourself for the big day by keeping fit. This will ensure that you will not bulge out of your suit. Also, choose the perfect hairstyle for you on your special day. Even men need to look dapper, too. In reality, this might be the only day when you will have as many photographs taken of you. So make it count.

Pen and Practice Your Vows

Your vows are a very special thing. It will be sincere if you put your personal touch on it. Men are not expected to go for long vows. A short, straightforward, yet sweet piece will do. Focus on your promises and what has made you fall for her. Make sure to write it ahead of time so that you can practice it as well. You would not want to stutter on your big day.

Take the Upper Hand for the Honeymoon Plans

Since the majority of the wedding plans are on your bride, have the initiative to take on the honeymoon plans. This will also work to your advantage. You can incorporate details that will surprise your bride. Ask your bride for her ideas because you would not want to take her somewhere she does not prefer. Roll up your sleeves and do all the reservations and itinerary. Your bride will be delighted with this.

Leaving your bride to take care of the wedding details is a prehistoric notion. Continue to sweep her off her feet by being a hands-on groom.

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