How to Deal with Wedding Anxiety


Wedding planning can get quite overwhelming, especially if you try to do it without any help. Just one look at your to-do or planning list can make you feel woozy and out of it, which is why it is essential to focus on yourself first and make sure that you are on top of things before dealing with anything on the list.

Today, we will discuss the things that you should remember to practice to avoid getting wedding planning anxiety. Follow these pointers when collaborating with party-planning services and other vendors.

Be Transparent

You do not have to keep everything to yourself, as this will eventually lead to unwanted anxiety and panic. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then tell a loved one right away. You can tell your partner, a close friend,  your parents or even your wedding entourage, what you feel so that they can give you some advice or comfort you about it.

We know this is a lot easier said than done, but try not to panic when faced with lots of hurdles. You will get through this, so make sure not to bottle up your feelings.

There Will Be Problems

You should know that there will be challenges or hurdles along the way. It’s almost impossible to go through the whole planning without experiencing any problem, so you should be ready.

Face these challenges head-on by telling your partner and wedding planner or coordinator about them. Sit down, let them know what’s going on, and try to come up with ideas and solutions to the problems. Don’t dwell on them too much. Instead, look for ways to solve the issues as smoothly as possible.

Step Away from It

If you are feeling too overwhelmed and you feel like you need a break, then go ahead and take it. Step back from the planning for a while, and let your partner and wedding planner deal with it.

You can relax for a couple of days and do everything that you need to go to get your mindset in the right place again. You can come back to the drawing board once you are feeling refreshed and ready to take on the tasks again without feeling too much pressure.

Wedding anxiety

Set Realistic Goals

We get it; wedding planning can be exciting, and you might want to do everything all at once. However, these plans can easily go south, and if you do not take failures lightly, then you might become engulfed in anxiety before you know it.

In the end, make sure to set realistic goals with your partner and wedding coordinator. Don’t include things on your list that you know would be impossible to execute. Remember: the only important thing is you and your partner’s happiness during this extraordinary day, and it should be all about the both of you!

You can always take a step back and relax if you are feeling overwhelmed about the planning. It’s okay to “feel your feelings” and always know that the people around you will understand.

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