Quarantine Skincare Solutions for Dry Skin

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If there’s one good thing about being on lockdown, it’s that you can finally have time to do some skincare self-care. What better way to come out of this pandemic than to come out glowing with perfect skin.

One problem that continues to plague a lot of women is dry skin. It’s pretty frustrating because a lot of skincare is made to reduce oil on the skin, which doesn’t help your case. If you’re one of many suffering from dry skin, we compiled a list of fixes that can make you look good as new!


Are you tired of seeing dark circles under your eyes? Or maybe you want to reduce your crow’s feet? All these problems can actually be fixed with a little skincare treatment. Fun fact, the skin around your eyes is actually the thinnest in your face. That means that it ages a lot quicker than the rest of your face. It also means that it can be one of the most sensitive.

Vitamin E and green tea extract are best for making them look more youthful and reducing dark circles. What these do is make it more hydrated and elastic. Elastic skins produce fewer wrinkles and can make the skin in that area stronger. For those who have no vices and get enough sleep, dark circles are caused by thin and dry skin near the eyes. It makes the blood vessels beneath look more prominent.

If you want to achieve a brother and more vibrant look to your eyes again, then you can try using some eye cream. It hydrates the area around your eyes and can sometimes make it appear lighter as well. There’s no specific age to start applying eye cream and in fact, the sooner you start, the better the results.


There are dry lips, and there are really dry lips. Like the kind that cracks and bleeds when you wake up in the morning. Usually, licking your lips or drinking water isn’t enough to fix these. It could be dehydration or the environment. Your solution to this is to look for lip cream, ideally one with shea butter or coconut oils.

One of my favorite things to use in these cases is aloe vera. This is great for this particular case for two reasons. First, aloe vera has natural hydrating properties that are soothing and cool on the second. Another reason is that its gel-like properties make it ideal for wound healing. So if your skin is already sensitive to mild bleeding, then aloe vera can safely treat it without hurting you.

There are also those that get lip injections that specifically hydrate lips. It usually comes with hyaluronic acid fillers that improve moisture retention. Collagen fillers also have a similar effect. Don’t worry, both of these ingredients are found in a lot of moisturizing skincare products as well, so it’s a safe bet.


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If your face feels tight and itchy all the time, moisturizing is the obvious solution, but one problem is that you could be using the wrong kind. Moisturizers designed for oily skin are designed to hydrate. If someone with oily skin uses a moisturizer for dry skin, it will cause acne and feel heavy on your face. Similarly, those with dry skin need ones that have more moisturizing qualities like oils and butter.

Other things that you can consider using are face masks and serums. These items do a lot more for your skin and don’t feel as thick. Along with previously mentioned ingredients, look for those with ceramide and lactic acid as well. Ceramides provide a protective layer that keeps moisture in, while lactic acid also has exfoliating properties. You may be wondering why people with dry skin need to exfoliate but actually, it is also important for them to scrub away dead skin.


For those that experience flaky skin near your nose, it could be a sign of an underlying skin condition, but most of the time it’s the weather. If you already have dry skin, you want to avoid making it worse with retinoids. While in other cases, this ingredient would be helpful, all it does for dry skin is make it irritated and itchy.

Another cause could be excessive cleansing or exfoliating. Cleansing should be done at least once a day, and twice if you have oily skin. Exfoliating should be twice a week at most. Anything more than this and the skin becomes too dry.

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