Maintaining Good Oral Health While On A Trip


The year 2020 was a bad year for travel. However, after a year of isolation, a glimmer of hope came for everybody as the government eased travel restrictions. People can now travel locally provided that they have a list of documents proving that they are healthy. Before you embark on a fun journey, have you thought about taking care of your teeth?

Stress, bad food, other health conditions, and possible accidents may damage your teeth while you are on travel. Thus, you must have enough knowledge on how to keep that pearly, white smile until you come home and be ready for your next trip.

Schedule a dental checkup before going on a trip

You may have packed your clothes, prepared your apartment during your absence, and subscribed to health insurance–everything is ready for your travel. In your checklist, include going to the dentist clinic as a priority. Your dentist will examine your teeth thoroughly, clean them and make necessary corrections or treatments to preserve the health of your teeth. A preventive checkup also ensures that the dentist can spot minor problems before they get worse.

Get your dentist’s business card and call them during emergency cases

Establishing rapport and a good relationship with your dentist is vital in maintaining dental health wherever you are. Your dentist can provide accurate and reliable answers than anybody else. Instead of typing questions such as “What is the best tooth-whitening kit?”¬†on Google, why don’t you call or email your dentist for answers instead?

If you are experiencing a toothache during your journey, calling your dentist may be a better idea as they can provide you with potent over-the-counter drugs to solve your problem. They may also help you connect to a reliable dentist in your current state.

Call your country’s embassy in case you need an important dental operation while traveling overseas.

No matter how adventurous or brave you are, the first few weeks in a foreign land are usually the hardest and most confusing. You may have a hard time finding reliable dentists in your new locale. Thus, the best option to avail of an important dental operation is to call your country’s embassy. The local consulate or any embassy staff can provide valuable information that can save you time and energy looking for dentists nearby.

Never forget your toothbrush, favorite toothpaste, and other dental products in your suitcase.

Needless to say that taking your dental kit with you while on travel is the best way to give your teeth the care that it deserves. Include that in your checklist together with your clothes, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and bug spray, among others. Secure your dental kit in a separate bag to protect it from other chemicals that may spill during travel. Also, consider placing your toothbrush in a resealable bag to always keep it dry after using it.

Consider effective alternative methods in case you forgot to pack your dental products

brushing teeth

If by chance, you forgot your toothbrush, you should continue taking care of your teeth. If you are on an adventure trip in a forest, looking for a nearby convenience shop could be a problem. Fret not! Dentists advise that you may rinse your mouth with water to cause bacteria-buildup. Also, you can use a clean piece of cloth with toothpaste and rub it on your teeth. The next time you go to a grocery shop, consider buying a toothbrush with the ADA Seal of Acceptance sign.

Be selective in the food you are eating

Don’t let your adventures ruin the health of your teeth. During travel, new ethnic cuisine tends to excite us even if they are bad for our teeth. Trying out soups that are too hot for our palate or desserts that are too cold may weaken our teeth and decrease dental health. Some crackers or candies may be too hard in that they may fracture our teeth’ enamel. Be careful about the ethnic cuisine you are about to eat. In a buffet, look for food that is easy to swallow. You may also try small amounts of food before indulging in large amounts.

Dental care should be a regular business. Even with your dentist’s absence, you must ensure that you are protecting your teeth from cavities, acid buildups, and accidents. Always bring your toothbrush wherever you go. Also, be careful not to meet accidents while on travel. Some of these accidents may impact your teeth, causing them to break, chip or fracture.

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