White Teeth and You: 4 Things You Need to Do

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If there’s one thing that celebrities and people in power have in common, it’s a set of straight, healthy teeth. I’m sure that if you had a killer smile, you’d feel better about yourself. And if you feel good about yourself, people will relate to you better. There’s no denying that it’s easier to be yourself if you could fix your flaws, seeing as we live in a world that places a premium on our looks.

That’s just one of the reasons why people want to get whiter teeth. People are so obsessed with getting the perfect smile that it has given rise to an 11-billion-dollar industry. Luckily, we already know many of the reasons that cause discoloration, and avoiding them early on can help ensure that your pearly whites stay white for a long time.

But if the damage has been done, you can always seek dental services to get your teeth professionally whitened. Here are a few other tips to help you get sparkling, bright teeth.

1. See a dentist

Just as we exercise and eat a balanced diet to keep our bodies fit, we also need to follow the best dental hygiene practices to keep our teeth healthy. But the only way to check our progress is to see a dentist on a regular basis. Regular dental appointments help keep our teeth clean and healthy and ensure that any problems are spotted early on.

You should consult a dentist first before doing any major cosmetic work involving your teeth, including whitening. Get your teeth cleaned first and ask your dentist if store-bought whitening strips are safe for you to use.

2. Avoid food and drink that cause stains

I’m sure that many of us know that red wine and coffee are notorious for causing teeth stains, but they’re not the only things we should look out for. You may be surprised to know that there’s a laundry list of food items that stain teeth, including some of our favorites.

If you think white wine is a non-staining alternative to red wine, think again. White wine has been known to stain teeth as well. Some berries such as blackberries and blueberries have powerful pigments that can set in your teeth. If you’ve replaced coffee with tea, you should know that some tea varieties such as black tea and green tea can cause staining. And you can count out curry and paprika if you want to keep your teeth bright.

The good news that food-related stains are superficial in nature. That means they can be removed or lessened with dental treatment. You can never get a permanent stain from eating and drinking. As a general rule, drink water after consuming food or drink that can stain the teeth. Wait a few hours before brushing your teeth as you could scrub the stain right into the enamel.

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3. Use an electric toothbrush

It’s no surprise that electric toothbrushes are more effective than regular ones. They’re also better at removing stains, thanks to the vibration. Some electric toothbrushes are even designed for stain removal, so you might want to buy one if you’re interested in a quick and non-invasive way to whiten your teeth. In some cases, you might even end up with healthier gums.

4. Take care of your gums

Speaking of your gums, you need to take care of them if you want to improve your smile. Your teeth are just one component of your dental health, so you need to look at the whole picture if you are serious about getting better. Gums act as an anchor for your teeth, and if they’re puffy or receding, it can affect your smile.

White teeth coupled with healthy gums make for a better smile. Don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Just make sure to use soft bristles as a hard brush can weaken the enamel layer and cause bleeding for people with sensitive teeth.

There’s no real secret to keeping your teeth white and healthy. As long as you practice good dental hygiene, see a dentist regularly, and avoid certain food items, you avoid many of the issues that cause staining.

If you do decide to get your teeth whitened, make sure it’s done by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. You don’t want to end up with a botched whitening job just because you decided to cut corners.

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