Travel Worries; Things You Need to Check Before You Check In

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One expense that that tourists often unnecessarily put a premium on is accommodations. While it’s common to see travelers’ forums full of people reviewing bad lodgings and suggesting it’s a lot more convenient if you just book at a hotel chain or something more expensive, that’s not the best solution. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

What you need to do is be discerning when you select where to stay. You spend less time in your lodgings than outside exploring. At least, that’s the idea of traveling to another place. Otherwise, you can just check-in at a hotel in your hometown. Be practical. These are the only things that matter with your accommodation:


Cleanliness should be the top priority. But if you have an infestation, you need an exterminator, especially if you do not want having critters skittering around at night, ransacking your food or your home. A single pest standing still on your nightstand, seemingly challenging you, is enough to speak for the establishment’s cleanliness.

Don’t base this on the newness or the modernity of the establishment. How it’s being ill-maintained doesn’t always reflect immediately on its façade. There are old hotels that are still immaculate, and they’re surviving to this day because of their standards.

A Window

Yes, some hotels and lodges have rooms without windows. You say you don’t mind not having a window because you’ll be coming late at night anyway and leaving very early in the morning. Well, here’s what you have to consider. It’s not just you, but the room itself. For several years it’s never been hit by sunlight. How do you think would it smell? Sure, they clean it, but ventilation will not be enough. There’s also a characteristic gloominess of rooms that never see the sun.

Windows also connect you to what’s happening outside, be it day or night. You never know what could happen. In worst situations, it could save your life. Even motels where people usually stay for just a night have ample windows. It’s even better if they have a window with a view. Some hotels boast of this, making sure that all floors have a good view of the city. They use the part with non-scenic views for shops and offices.

Noise Level

If it’s right smack in the middle of a party area, no matter how high up you are, you’d be forced to hear music, laughter, and street fights. So either book a place that’s not at a party zone or make sure the place has good soundproofing.

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In places with a reliable transportation system, it’s best to stay far from the center. True, you can’t just walk to the tourist spots, but it’s less stressful. They’re also often cheaper, and you’d worry less about break-ins. So be wary of those ‘great location’ reviews. Instead, look for lodgings that are within walking distance to bus stops or metro stations.

Courtesy of Staffing

Understand that not all reviews, especially about hotel staff, are objective. These employees are humans too. Many of them respond to how they are treated. If you expect them to nod their heads and smile even if you’re acting high and mighty just because you think they should be trained, don’t bother to travel. Stay at home.

As long as there is no review of a staff attacking a customer or harassing one person with being provoked, it’s fine. Also, look out for reviews of people from your country. Some staff may also have racial biases, so a white traveler’s experience may be very different from colored tourists.

So, instead of being swayed by reviews saying that the room is small, the shower stall and sink are small, everything is small, so-and-so, think how big you need them. If you’re a big person, yes, that would matter. But if you could fit on the bed, do your morning and evening needs in the toilet without a problem, then why would you need to have them unnecessarily big? Be pragmatic.

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