How Travel Heals the Soul: 5 Best Places to Go to for a Spiritual Encounter


Although people have responsibilities and obligations, unwinding once while can do wonders for the soul. What better way to soothe the soul than travel?

For a few days, forget about work and your obligations to your family. Kids can stay with their aunt for a couple of days, and senior parents can be taken care of by home healthcare professionals while you’re away.

Take a break and visit these top five places to earn yourself a bit of solitude, helping you build a deeper connection with Earth, other people, and yourself.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia is the home to the historical Khmer Empire temple complex and is considered the largest spiritual monument on Earth, covering over 163 hectares of land. The enormous temple complex took 30 years to finish, led by King Suryavarman II, where he dedicated it to the Hindu god, Vishnu. However, it eventually became a Buddhist temple in the late 12th century.

It’s one of the most awe-inspiring places that’s energetic and thought-provoking. For decades, individuals worldwide have traveled to this destination to experience heightened spirituality, healing, and energy. You can find Angkor Wat at the province of Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia, and there are plenty of ways you can visit the site, from using e-bikes to traditional tuk-tuks.


Japan is a widely known tourist destination for its unique culture and modern way of life. However, massive shopping centers and theme parks aren’t the only things the country has to offer. Japan is also a perfect place for a spiritual retreat. Kyoto, Japan, is the best destination if you’re looking for a journey to achieve inner peace. It was once known as the “Capital of Peace and Tranquility.” Kyoto has been the center of Japanese culture for millennia.

The city is home to over 1,600 Buddhist temples, 90 Christian churches, and 400 Shinto shrines. If you want to get a view of the spiritual city, visit Fushimi Inari Shrine on Kyoto’s outskirts to marvel in the beauty of this ancient destination. You can go to several spiritual locations in Kyoto through booked tours.

bali, indonesia


If you’re looking for the ultimate spiritual retreat visiting Indonesia’s Borobudur is a fantastic choice. It’s located on the island of Java and is the world’s biggest Buddhist monument boasting a unique architectural structure, a three-dimensional mandala (diagram of a perfect universe). Bali is another excellent location for a spiritual journey in Indonesia. Besides its beautiful beaches, the island offers various yoga and meditation retreats that travelers of all walks would enjoy.


The remains of this ancient Inca civilization located in the Andes Mountains’ high peaks, Machu Picchu, is a marvel of engineering made by the Inca civilization in the 15th century. The historic complex features several shrines, temples, caves, and carvings, with some portraying astronomical formations. For years, people climbed Machu Picchu to experience a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual journey ever since it was re-discovered around 400 years ago.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s Cape Reinga in the North Island is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a culture-rich and spiritual journey in one destination. The location is sacred to New Zealand’s native Maori people, considering it the “leaping place of the spirits.” Enjoy the nearby water and tranquil environment, but remember that it’s a sacred land so pay respects by leaving it undisturbed.

No matter how bustling the world seems, it’s big enough to provide you with a location that can take your mind off your hectic everyday life. The spiritual destinations mentioned let you go on a journey to a more enlightened self.

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