The Many Benefits of Recreational Fishing

man fishing in a lake

Recreational fishing has been a traditionally male-centric hobby. Women constitute only 36 percent of the 49 million fishing enthusiasts in the United States. That disparity is a bit alarming, especially if you advocate for gender equality in all aspects of life. So, if you’re a woman fighting the good fight, it’s high time you take your advocacy into recreational fishing circles and share your message of women empowerment in what might still be a very patriarchal community.

Now, you might argue that such a plan is a tall order. One you might not be fit to undertake, given you’re not quite knowledgeable about the ins and out of recreational fishing. But really what’s there to study in-depth? All you need to do is figure out which type of recreational fishing you wish to pursue: saltwater, freshwater, or fly-fishing? Next, you can get yourself a line and a pole with an Avet lx 6.0 reel to boot, and you’re all set to go.

Still unconvinced? Maybe these recreational fishing benefits will change your mind.

An excuse to travel

If your number one passion is traveling but traveling has gotten a little stale because you’ve checked most items from your travel bucket list, it’s time to find a better excuse to travel. Recreational fishing can be that excuse. It’ll take you places no run-of-the-mill traveler bothers with. Consider places like the Azores in Portugal and the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, which are two of the most highly regarded destinations for fishing hobbyists.

Commune with nature

Living in a metropolis is stressful. Living in the suburbs is no better. But if these are your only viable options now, there’s no need to give yourself a hard time over it. However, make sure you get your much-needed respite from time to time. Recreational fishing allows you to do just that.

This hobby will take you places where you can bask in the sun, surrounded by greenery, in a tranquil scene soundtracked by all the calming sounds that nature makes. It’s the kind of bliss you deserve.

man casting his rod in a lake

Recreational fishing is an exercise in patience

Are you known for your impatience? Does your inability to wait while keeping calm follow you like a dark cloud? You can always do something to change that kind of temperament. For instance, you can do yoga. Or if you’ve outgrown yoga for some reason, recreational fishing is a logical alternative.

In fishing, the only objective is to wait. You have no power over when a fish will bite your bait. The only thing you can do is stay as still as you can. Ideally, you zone out. That is while staying on your toes so you can jerk that pole up and crank that reel hard should your fingers feel the slightest tug from underwater.

Master self-reliance

Recreational fishing does not have to be done in isolation. Of course, you can invite your friends and family to your fishing expeditions. And mind you it’s one of the best bonding experiences you can have with your loved ones. That goes without saying that the whole endeavor teaches you self reliance.

While you’re in the zone, it’s just you and nature. No one can coach you. No one can affect the outcome of what you are doing other than yourself.

Health improvement

Fishing will keep your body in tiptop shape. You will be standing for a long period and as such your posture will improve. Also, you’re under the sun for most of the time, giving you sufficient vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for regulating your body’s absorption of phosphorus and calcium, both essential to a strong immune system.

Your cardiovascular health will also improve. That is if the kind of recreational fishing you pursue is more active, where you transfer from one spot to another, giving your lungs and heart ample exercise.

There’s no stopping you from pursuing hobbies that might otherwise be deemed out of character. After all, it’s a nice feeling to contradict people’s expectations of you from time to time.

So, girl, do not hesitate to go to a nearby recreational fishing shop and fill your shopping basket with all fishing essentials. Do not forget to shop for a banging fishing wardrobe too because you still want to look fabulous even while roughing it.

Surprise the naysayers by going on an out-of-character fishing expedition. You might just like it enough to do it again and again. Who knows, you could even turn pro and compete in a prestigious fishing tournament where millions of cash prizes are given each year.

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