Start Them Young: Teaching Your Kids to Love the Kitchen

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Children are naturally curious creatures. Along with their overflowing curiosity is an opportunity for them to learn new things: counting, reciting the alphabet, and cooking food.

Speaking of cooking, it is not only an adult thing. For example, ice cream cake is popular in Australia, and kids love it. You can teach your child to make their own ice cream cake or any dessert they like.

The rewards of teaching kids to cook

Children love to play and interact with their peers. However, it is also a good idea to equip them with life skills even at a young age. Doing so will teach them the importance of perseverance and boost their confidence.

Teaching kids the kitchen basics is a more practical and fun way to learn things outside the classroom. From using measuring cups to counting the eggs, these are only some things your kids will learn. Cooking skills can be useful not only in school but also in everyday life.

Young children also tend to be picky eaters, which can be frustrating for parents. By teaching them how to cook, they can learn to appreciate different types of food. At the same time, you can teach them to eat healthier dishes instead of sweets and fried chicken.

Teaching the ways of the kitchen is also a great method to encourage kids to use their senses. Let them appreciate the smell of newly baked cookies, hear the sound of the blender or mixer, taste the freshly cooked dinner stew, and help you with rolling the dough for your homemade bread.  

Be a wise teacher

Of course, you can't teach your children how to cook advanced dishes. You shouldn't rush the learning process. For example, you can teach your 3-year-old the importance of handwashing before preparing food. You can also let them wash the fruits and vegetables, mix the pancake batter, and wipe the table or kitchen counter while preparing food.

By the time your child reaches around 6 or 7, they can start using a vegetable peeler and break eggs for cooking or baking. They can also start making their own pizza if you let them put the toppings they like. Let them use some kitchen utensils under your supervision. They can start washing the dishes after using them, too.

Kids can start becoming independent in the kitchen when they turn 9 years old. Of course, you still need to keep an eye on your children, especially when they use knives and other sharp kitchen utensils.

For the love of cooking

With all that said, you will be surprised by how kids can learn a lot of things at such a young age. They learn important skills at school but also in the kitchen. It is where you and your little ones can enjoy precious bonding moments while preparing food for your whole family. These moments matter to your children because they will treasure these happy memories until they reach adulthood. If you need kid-friendly recipes, you can easily access them online.

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