A Wealthy Arsenal: How to Start Collecting Your Very First Guns

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We all have some chosen hobbies in our life, but one of the more rare hobbies is collecting a vast arsenal of guns. Before, guns were a symbol of oppression and pain. Therefore, they were problematic items in the US. Still, as more people ease into the idea of competitive gun ownership and guns not necessarily being used to inflict pain on others, more people start to collect them.

It’s estimated that about 32% of Americans own a gun, with many people having their gun collection. Many more of these people also go out in competitive shootouts with their friends and family members. For many of these people, gun ownership is part of their lifestyle. So why should you start a gun collection?

Reasons Why to Start a Gun Collection

It’s Profitable

Guns are one of the most profitable assets you can have nowadays. Millions of Americans are willing to purchase your gun for you, especially if its design has caught their attention. Certain firearms may also cost a lot more if they have some significance behind them. Customized guns such as ones with engravings or modified gun stocks also fetch a reasonable price in the market.

You technically never have to fire the guns in your collection. You could most certainly show it off to attract potential buyers. Once you’ve started a big enough gun collection, many people will be flocking to see that collection of yours.

Used For Competitive Shooting

If you’re into competitive shooting, then you’re going to need a different variety of guns. It’s hard for you to avoid having a collection if you’re in this field, and you might have even developed an eye for collecting guns. A collection of guns is a necessary expense for many competitive shooters out there.

It’s a Part of History

Lastly, much like how samurai swords are part of Japanese history, guns play a big role in American history. There are many gun collectors out there who purchase guns primarily because of this reason. They buy old guns because of the history that they represent behind them. There are also avid collectors out there who purchase guns owned by different celebrities and politicians.

If the guns you collect are part of history, there is also a considerable chance of being profitable. This makes them a valuable collection.

Now that we’ve given you a reason to start your gun collection, it’s time we talk about an accessible collection to start: handguns.


Starter Collection- Handguns

Handguns are the easiest to purchase guns in the US. In addition, many laws allow the carrying and the purchase of handguns for self-defense. Because of this, you should consider starting your collection with a variety of pistols.

There are a couple of things you should consider before purchasing your first pistol. First, if it’s something you want to show off to your friends, then you must invest in a secure pistol display case. This will protect the pistol from depreciation while protecting your friends and family members from the gun itself.

Additionally, an essential part of becoming a gun collector is gun insurance. You might never know what kind of accidents might occur in your arsenal, and gun insurance can undoubtedly take care of that. Gun insurance can start for as little as $50.

Some of the most expensive guns in the US are handguns. For example, the Golden Walther PP was owned by Hitler, which sold for a staggering $114,000. As always, if there is a historical significance behind the gun, the more likely you will sell it for a high price. However, antique guns such as these are a whole different collection and one that’s more advanced.

Advanced Collection- Antique Guns

If you’re the kind of person, who likes some history behind what they are collecting, then antique guns are for you. To start your collection of antique guns, you’re going to need some connections and, of course, some money. The gun we’ve told you earlier is just one of the many antique guns out there in the world.

This is going to be an expensive hobby that will push you to travel to different countries. But the experience is well worthwhile. Once you’ve amassed your antique gun collection, you can start showing it off to not only your friends but thousands of people as well. They are also pretty easy to sell, and you can easily gain millions of dollars through this hobby.

A gun collection will stick with you until the day you pass away. Then it will become a part of your inheritance to your benefactors. Guns will always be part of history, and once you’ve started your collection, they are going to be part of your history.

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