Protecting Vision: How to Keep Eyes Seeing While Screen-Bound


You may find it hard nowadays to keep going out without risking your health. Your digital devices are likely to become the few safe ways for you to interact with others, even the neighbors. But they can also damage our bodies if we’re not careful with them, either. For one, we’re going to put a greater strain on our eyes than ever before. Don’t forget to do these activities while you’re stuck inside and to your screens.

Consult the Doctor Regularly

You may take care of yourself well, but it won’t hurt to seek consultation. Even when practically everyone is forced to stay home, you can find a way to schedule virtual appointments with your doctor. It might not be as good as actually going to their office, but at least you can protect your eyes and the rest of your body. You’ll never know when you’re having a problem, and you’ll need to know which types of glaucoma surgery will fit you.

Optimize Your Setup

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Since you have little choice on whether you should use digital devices or not, what you can do is to set it up in the healthiest way possible. For example, when you’re using a laptop or desktop, you can already benefit from putting the monitor or screen at arm’s length from your eyes. Or when you’re on a tablet or smartphone, you can make the font bigger for easier reading. Also, brightness and contrast adjustment is a thing, so be sure to not just have ample lighting around you, but also change the levels on your screen depending on your surroundings.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Did you know that you blink less often when you’re staring at a screen? That is why it’s even more important now to work on keeping your eyes moist. Make the conscious decision to blink every so often, at least. If you have to, you can also use artificial tears or eye drops to do so. Setting yourself up for a bit more moisture, such as keeping a bottle of drinking water handy and having a humidifier nearby, can also help.

Get Off Tech Once in a While

Work, school, or even leisure isn’t worth risking any part of your health over, not even your sight. If you find that you don’t need to do anything online or on your device, then don’t. Take the time to do other activities. Maybe you’ve been neglecting your meditation sessions. Or perhaps you just haven’t been getting enough sleep. This downtime is an opportunity for you to take care of yourself and fully rest.

Going on the computer or mobile device is practically a must these days. And sometimes, you’re forced to look at them for hours at a time. But that doesn’t mean that your eyes are bound to degrade. It only means that you have to find ways to be able to guard your vision. Aside from these pointers, taking the time to admire the beauty of nature and the rest of the physical world around you can also help give your eyes that much-needed break.

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