Lifestyle Tips: Awesome Ways to Add Style to Your Living Space

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For people who love design and style, decorating your living spaces should be on your priority list. Making your home more stylish doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to be resourceful and creative enough to create that on-trend editorial visual for your space. And sometimes, you just have to use the right color palettes and push your décor in the right corner to achieve the look you want.

Here are some trendy design secrets that will help you create that amazing space that matches your style:

1. Incorporate fresh flowers

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Buying fresh flowers can be a bit of an expense, but the beauty they offer remains unmatched by any artificial ones. They can always make a home most aesthetically pleasing and add a natural element that’s somehow refreshing. Fresh flowers are also a great way to add pop or layers of color in a dull area. If you’re on a limited budget, you can just get those small bunch of flowers that cost less than $10 in flower shops.

2. Accessorize the interior

Does your space look too plain and average? Maybe it needs some accessories. Accessorizing is often ignored by many homeowners since it can overextend their budget. But there are plenty of ways on how you can accessorize your space without breaking the bank. You can always buy secondhand pieces at garage sales. All you need is a good pair of eyes. To add elegance and style to a space, opt for gold, a color associated with wealth riches. You can get gold-framed mirrors or picture frames as accessories.

3. Try color blocking

The time of using all kinds of colors in a space has passed. Today, color blocking the new trend for stylish and beautiful living space. It’s not easy to choose and design an entire room with just one color, but the results will be stunning if you do it right. Pick one paint color for the room’s walls and the furniture in it. In creating a color-blocked space, you need to find complementary colors and patterns to come up with an amazing design.

4. Hang the curtains high

This might come as a surprise but hanging your drapery from your ceiling down to the floor can actually make your living space more elegant and stylish than before. And yes, this applies even if your windows do not go up high your ceiling. Doing so can highlight the height of your space and add this dramatic, romantic vibe to your interior. Since getting large curtains can be costly, you can go with as cheap as those drop cloth sheets or curtains, dye them, paint the rods, then voila! No one will even notice the difference.

5. Experiment with storage

Another cool and unique way to make your space more stylish is to mix hidden storage with open types. You can try combining open shelving with closed storage to still hide your private stuff while adding a bit more character into the room. Just make sure to keep the items you use often on the open shelving or at your eye line. Or, if you have the wall space, try organizing and displaying your stuff on it. You can hang your hat collection, artworks, or even your accessories. In case you need storage but don’t have enough room, opt for dual-purpose furniture or items instead.

6. Upgrade lighting fixtures

If you have those boring, standard lighting fixtures in your space, this is the time to replace them with designer ones. Designer lighting fixtures can make any room look more sophisticated and visually appealing. It’s recommended to use various kinds of light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps, and hanging ones too for a more stylish and contemporary look. Since designer light fixtures can be expensive, start by checking secondhand shops and flea markets first. You can also check if your current lights just need a new paint job or little buffing.

7. Improve backyard

backyard table

A stylish home looks stunning inside and out, which is why we recommend upgrading your backyard. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, you just need to be creative. First off, focus on landscaping and florals. Connect your backyard to nature and make it a retreat of total relaxation where you can just sit and enjoy the fresh air. Get professional landscaping services to ensure great visuals for your backyard. You can then plant some flowers for a natural pop of color to your fresh landscape. You can also install some water features or comfy seating to add character to your backyard.

We hope our tips inspired you to start a stylish makeover to your living space. Keep in mind that these are just for inspiration and you still have the total freedom to do it your own way. Be sure to explore other styling ideas and create that modern, shabby-looking space on a budget.

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