How to Give Your House a Classic Touch


The style of a modern house is everywhere. You will find it in communities, suburbs, and the countryside. You cannot blame homeowners if they want to follow the efficient and minimal design provided by a modern style. However, there might be something in you that wants to be different. You might even try to outshine every other house inside your community. If you want to transform your property into something unique, you should consider adding a classic touch. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Start with the Door

You would want to make a statement to everyone as soon as they spot your house. The door will be the first thing people might look at when passing by your property, which is why you must make the first changes on your porch.

Consider adding a classic-themed door, which will likely be a giant wooden frame. Your porch must also include artwork and vines to give it an old-century façade. A medieval or Roman design door handle will finish the classic design, making your entry point an attractive one to people passing by.

Art and Décor

The design of a modern house often involves keeping everything to a minimum. The ones that suffer most in modern design are the walls. You will be keeping the walls free of anything that might not serve a useful purpose. If you want to give your home a classic touch, you shoHouse interioruld consider investing in artworks. Paintings and pictures are aesthetically-pleasing additions to every home.

You should also try using appliances and pieces of furniture that could contribute to the classic theme. Handmade modern style rugs can provide your floor with a unique design, while curtains and blinds can make your property look elegant. Adding a fireplace will also help you achieve the classic appearance you want for your home. There are a lot of decorations you can use to give your house a touch of elegance.

Dramatic Lighting

Natural lighting dominates the design of modern homes. You might be saving a lot of money on utility bills if you decide to stick to that idea. However, a chandelier with dramatic lighting remains the centerpiece of any classic-themed house.

Consider putting one in the living room, especially if you do not have large windows. Pendant lighting is also ideal for places like the kitchen and the dining area. You will be able to combine the classic look of light fixtures with the natural lighting provided by open areas. However, you should be able to figure out which one is better for specific rooms.

Tiles and Marbles

If you are changing the design of a modern house, you should consider the largest area you need to renovate. The floors of a modern property are usually wood or concrete, which will not bode well with your quest to change the appearance. Tiles and marbles can help turn your house into one of those areas that make you feel like royalty. You will not be able to change every flooring, but you can start with the rooms that require the materials.

A classic-themed home will make it stand out in the age where modern style continues to dominate. After all of the renovations made, you will notice that you will be living differently from your neighbors.

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