Keto Diet Is Not For Everyone

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Who would not want to lose some weight, right? After all, you have celebrities left and right telling you that the hourglass figure is still the way to go. Unfortunately, food is life, and eating out is a great way to destress after a long day at work. So, what now?

Keto Saves the Day!

One of the most promising diet methods that many celebrities swear by is what is known as the ketogenic diet, or keto. If you would look at the history of ketogenic diet though, you’d realize that it was more of a treatment method for epileptic children than a way to maintain your figure.

Keto diet comes in four versions – the standard keto diet, cyclical, targeted, and the high-protein keto diet. The standard form contains 75% fat and 5% carbohydrates. The remaining percentage typically comes in the form of protein. A great example of this version is fried chicken combined with raspberry muffins, and vegetarian pizza. There are a number of online stores in Singapore that do deliver prepared meals so finding the right combination should not be a problem especially for beginners.

If you’re looking to bulk up on muscles but would like to give keto a try, then you should go for a different combination – 60% fat with 35% protein. The rest of the percentage can now be in the form of carbs. This is now what is called as high-protein ketogenic diet.

If you’d like to try a combination of keto diet and something similar to intermittent fasting, go for the cyclical keto diet. As the name implies, your diet will cycle between high-carb diet as well as bouts of ketogenic diet. What most ketogenic specialist recommend is a cycle of 2 high-carb days followed by 5 days of keto meals.

Keto Might Not be the Solution

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The basic principle behind keto is that, you must take in food that have high fat but low carbohydrate content in order to force your body to metabolize fats. Before you jump the gun, you need to understand that the use of ketones is your body’s backup plan in order for your organs to have the needed energy. Your body’s preference would still be carbohydrates. During the initial stages of your keto diet, this will result to rapid weight loss as your body converts to fats instead. At some point, however, you will lose muscle due to long-term lack of glycogen. This can make you feel fatigued which can make it even harder to lose weight. This can also have an impact on your health if you have any underlying kidney or liver problem.

Jumping from keto diet to a diet with medium to high carbs might cause you to gain more weight and will give you a bloated feeling. You have to keep in mind that, with keto, the weight loss is due mostly to water weight. Once you have started keto, you either continue it long-term or make the transition back to medium to high-carb diet as gradual as possible. You also need to keep yourself active to prevent any build-up of water weight.

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