A Fun and Safe Outdoor Winter Trip with the Family

outdoor winter trip with family

Winter can be a good season for fun and games for families everywhere. Precious bonding time will be spent well when parents and children engage in various winter sports and activities out in the cold. Additionally, your family gets to exercise and gain health benefits from staying active even when the season makes us all want to stay inside.

But lack of preparation can turn these trips into disasters. The safety of your loved ones must always be taken into consideration before anything else. Slips and falls are always significant risks when playing out in the snow. Other threats come with the extremely low temperature that the season can bring. With all of these, here are some essential tips many people tend to forget when engaging in winter outdoor activities. Learn to keep yourself safe while still having fun.

On Proper Equipment

  • Equipment Fitted by a Professional

When engaging in any sport that requires specific gear, it is crucial to have the equipment fitted properly on the person who will use it. Certain sports require different items, mainly for the safety of the participants.

For example, ski goers have to wear the proper ski equipment and safety gear. Helmets like theĀ Giro Union MIPS helmet are needed to prevent head injuries while going down a slippery slope. On the other hand, skaters may not be required to wear helmets but can still benefit from them, especially beginners. Elbow and knee pads can help to soften the impact of falling on the ice.

  • Owned Equipment

If you are using equipment you already own, you have to check if they are still in good condition. Old or stored items that were not used for a long time may deteriorate depending on the materials’ quality and the conditions they were kept in. Check for possible damages before using them for the activity.

  • Warm Clothing

Along with the gear, it is also essential to regulate a warm body temperature to withstand the cold of the winter. Wearing insulating but lightweight clothes that can retain body heat or putting on several warm layers can help to keep out the cold air. Gloves, headwear, and scarves are also needed to avoid the unfortunate instances of people getting frostbite or hypothermia from the cold. Bringing spare clothing should also be on your to-do list if the snow melts inside your clothes, leaving you wet, cold, and shivering.

outdoor winter trip with family

On the Practice

Good practices while partaking in a specific winter sport should always be followed. Before starting the activity, it is always a good idea to warm up first by stretching your limbs and getting your heart rate up to avoid sprains and shocks. When you or your family members are newbies in this sport, it is a must that a professional is around to guide you and give you the basics for your safety.

Never try to execute the moves you see the professionals doing. These are most probably moves that require much practice and experience. Sticking with the basics will keep you away from unnecessary injuries.

On Your Safety

For activities that are done in naturally open areas like skiing, snowboarding, and sledding, more safety measures should be made to avoid problems. Even before planning an outdoor sports trip, check weather forecasts for possible storms that can make the conditions bitter on your set schedule.

Once you arrive at the site, safety regulations will immediately be discussed to prepare you for your chosen activities. These rules should include the prohibition of participating in any activity after drink alcohol and following posted signage around the area.

Another safety measure is to have a buddy system where you always have someone with you in case of emergencies. You should also tell people where you plan to go so that they know where to find you at all times. Know what to do when you somehow get lost in the cold wilderness. All these steps should be done so that professionals can rescue you when an unprecedented event takes place.

Winter can bring lots of family fun as you spend your time in the company of each other out in the frosty open. Everyone will also get to stretch their muscles and experience the outside, especially now during this current pandemic when we are all probably bored and fed up from staying inside our homes for more than a year.

But your and your loved ones’ safety should always come first when playing in the harsh cold. With the reminders mentioned, you should be well-equipped with the proper gear, practice, and safety measures to avoid winter-related injuries and problems.

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