Fighting Loneliness: 6 Tips on Ensuring a Better Mental State

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Loneliness is a crippling sensation that no one should have to deal with. But with our modern lifestyles, isolation is a lot more likely. It doesn’t help that the recent pandemic put everyone on lockdown. Even with people slowly emerging from their quarantines and distancing, the feeling of being alone is still there.

If you don’t want to feel this way, here are some suggestions on properly coping with it.

Reach Out to Existing Friends and Relatives

One of the mistakes that people often make that leads to loneliness is that they forget about their current relationships. This used to be a lot more complicated since people lived closer to each other and often met at work or other places. However, if you don’t go out and show initiative, you can lose these connections. It is always a good idea to send messages or even call loved ones and friends occasionally to ensure that you still have a connection to them. It only takes minimal effort, and it can be enriching.

Get a Pet

A simple way to fight loneliness is to get a pet. Rescue shelters are available for people who are looking for cats and dogs to take into their homes. However, before adopting, you should seriously consider the responsibility of taking care of a pet. You’ll have to show it love and affection. Dogs are the best choice for this. Additionally, you’ll need to train yourself. Fortunately, if you can’t, then there are options. For example, you can send your dog to a board-and-train program so that they get good care and learn obedience while there. All this effort is worth it since pets can get very affectionate and make you feel less lonely.

Sign Up for a Class

Whether it is a virtual or an actual class, signing up for one can be an excellent way to fight loneliness. There are several reasons for this. One, it allows you to interact with people. They might even become great friends. Next, the classroom atmosphere makes you feel that you are part of a group. This is especially so if you join a class that shares your interest. Classes are easy to find. A simple online search will reveal any local schools offering additional classes along with online services that offer virtual ones.

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Volunteer at Your Local Charity

Interacting with people is key to fighting loneliness. Volunteering at the local church or charity helps a lot with this. They may have you working at soup kitchens or working with the sick in hospitals. Even if it is not as bad as those situations, your help will be greatly appreciated. Helping others through charity can make you feel good about yourself. It shows you that you are valuable and that you have worth. Volunteering also allows you to meet a wide variety of people who can help with your feelings of isolation.

Keep Yourself Busy

Work is a great way to distract yourself from loneliness. You feel less sorry for yourself when you are doing something. When you succeed, the sense of achievement helps a lot in fighting the depression that is often associated with loneliness. However, it would help if you chose to take jobs that have you work with a group. Remote work can only add to your loneliness. With a group project, you can have solid interactions with your coworkers, which can help a lot.

Consult With a Therapist

Loneliness is not an accident. There are reasons that you are lonely, and you might need to work on those reasons. While some people can identify them on their own, it is much better to help with an expert. Look for a therapist that you can work with on your issues. They can point them out to you so that you can work on them while using expert techniques. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy can change the way you think to better interact with others and feel less lonely.

Dealing with loneliness is very important. There are several visible effects of feeling isolated. The most obvious one is that people are more depressed when they feel alone. Depression causes mental issues, and this spirals into even worse conditions. Besides mental health, loneliness can also affect a person’s physical health. Studies have shown that the emotional stress of loneliness can affect a person’s immunity to diseases while encouraging poor habits that are bad for a person’s health. With the coping strategies above, you should be able to handle the isolation better.

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