How Being Mindful Can Help You Build Better Relationships

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Living in a fast-paced world made most people forget about the present. We often worry about the future, live in the past, and forget about being fully aware of what is happening around us at the moment. We lost our ability to stay aware of our surroundings, our feelings, thoughts, and sensations. This made us colder, bolder, unhealthy, and even stressed out. But the moment you start embracing mindfulness in your life, everything changes for the better.

Defining Mindfulness

Mindfulness pertains to one’s ability to be fully aware of our present experiences, thoughts, sensations, feelings, and the things surrounding us. It enables us to live in the moment without making judgments. Mindfulness offers many benefits, which is why more people aim to be more mindful each day.

Boost Physical Health

You can achieve your health and wellness goals through practicing mindfulness. This is since you are basically embracing habits that help you have a stronger and healthier body. This includes mindful eating, regular workouts, getting enough rest and sleep, and improving your overall physical health.

Improve Mental Health

Another reason more people are into mindful living is that it can treat various mental health issues. You could be battling stress, anxiety, depression, or even eating disorders. With the help of mindful techniques, you can improve your mental health and live a happier and more resilient life.

Improve Overall Well-being

When you can savor simple pleasures in life despite the many problems and stress you are facing, you basically feel happier and more content. You become thankful and less caught up with future worries. It becomes easier to improve yourself so that you can be happier and more successful in the future.

Build Stronger Relationships

Practicing mindfulness allows you to build a stronger relationship with yourself and others. This is since you become more aware of your own needs, your loved one’s feelings, appreciate yourself and the people around you more, and reduce the stress that comes with handling relationships. You get to learn how to best interact with your loved ones, avoid useless arguments and instead, focus on nurturing your relationships with them.

How to Use Mindfulness to Nurture Relationships

Many relationships fail because of misunderstandings. You could have met the love of your life with the help of a local matchmaking service after searching for quite some time. Now that you found the one, you can use mindfulness to show them you deserve their love by showing them love and care in return.

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Silence Their Negative Inner Voice

Every one of us has our own insecurities. Most of the time, our number one critic is our inner voice. Being mindful of your partner’s critic and silencing their negative inner voice will make them trust you more.

Practice becoming aware of your partner’s negative inner voice. Use their love language to help them when they are most vulnerable the most. If you already know that they are struggling, show them you care about their feelings and emotions by sharing supportive comments, a quick hug, or a surprise featuring their favorite comfort food.

Learn About Their Love Language

Being mindful of your partner involves learning what their love languages are and using this to show them you love and appreciate them. According to Gary Chapman, our love languages are the ways we experience and express love. By using your partner’s preferred love language, you get to the best show your love, care, and affection using a language they know and understand.

It also helps if you can tell them about your preferred love language. This will help you and your partner build a stronger foundation that won’t be easy to shake. Remember that one factor couples should never ignore is to find ways to meet their partner’s emotional needs best.

Practice Mindful Breathing

Arguments are normal in any relationship. If you feel like you are about to lose your temper, take your time to take a breather. Be sure to let your partner know that you are not walking away but simply needs time to collect your thoughts.

Every time you feel angry, annoyed, or starts having feelings of hostility towards your partner, stop yourself and practice your breathing. Take five deep breaths through your nose and release the breath out of your mouth. Take this opportunity to change your reaction and start listening to what they have to say.

Being mindful offers tons of advantages, one of which is to improve your relationship as a couple. The moment you practice mindfulness in your relationship, you can grow better and closer as a couple. Don’t let everyday stresses ruin your relationship. You will learn to communicate better, resolve conflict, and even create a positive environment where you will both thrive as a couple.

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