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We don’t want to bore you with explanations on clichés like “time is gold” because we all know that to be true. We are, under all possible sense of that aphorism, aware of how much time itself impacts our lives. However, we want to give you a different perspective on that expression. Time is gold indeed, but something worth more than gold is the person who knows how to maximize the time that he has.

The best way to do that is to keep track of the hours of the day. Luckily, something so compact it can fit on your wrist can assist you with that, and that’s what we’re here to discuss.

Reasons Why Timepieces are Timeless

Every time you step outside, you’ll see all kinds of people wearing a watch on their wrists. At a time when smartphones can do pretty much anything, you can’t help but wonder why wristwatches still exist. Well, it’s all for one undeniable fact, timepieces are timeless. Here’s what we mean by that.

Accountability and Convenience

In a single day, you have to fit all sorts of tasks that need to be done, and the best way to stay on schedule is to keep track of time. Sure, you can argue that your smartphone can do that, but checking the time on your phone is not as simple as flipping your wrist. Aside from that, opening your phone opens the risk of distracting yourself with all the other features your phone has, and that’s time you can never get back.

Style and Confidence

A good watch is not just about telling the time but rather the culmination of years of craftsmanship and dedication. Wearing something that represents these qualities will give you a distinct style and ultimately boost your confidence.

Time and Treasure

We are all under the confines of the same time continuum, and the only thing that differentiates us from one another is how we spend it. A watch is a treasure in itself because it can be something that’s passed on from one generation to another as a family heirloom. Aside from that, a watch is a reminder of the moments you can treasure.

The Different Types of Watches

When it comes to watches, there are many types to choose from. If you’re not well-versed in this, it might be quite overwhelming to be faced with lots of options. It’s a matter of personal preference, but if you ever need a quick guide on this matter, here are some of the most common types of watches.

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Analog Watch

If you’ve ever seen a traditional wall clock, an analog watch is the miniature version of it. That means that this type of watch shows the 12-hour face and an hour, minute, and second hand to tell the time, although variations in these details may be seen in different kinds of analog watches.

Digital Watch

Instead of hands, a digital watch tells the time in digits, hence the name digital. This type of watch is powered by a battery and often has a few buttons on the side to adjust the time. Certain features like a stopwatch or an LED light may also be found in digital watches. This is one of the best watches to wear on a normal day because it could go with almost anything. You could wear it on a formal event while you could also just put on a shirt, a pair of denim jeans for men, a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go.

Automatic Watch

An automatic watch, also known as a self-winding watch, does not need a battery to function. Instead, this type of watch stores the energy from the motion of the wrist through a rotor. The more the rotor spins, the more energy is stored. This means that if you wear an automatic watch daily, it will keep on running even if you’re not using it.

Quartz Watch

A quartz watch is also powered by a battery. This battery provides a source of energy for an electronic oscillator inside the watch. When an electric current is sent to the oscillator, the quartz crystal pulsates and sends this frequency to a circuit that sets the hands in motion. Quartz watches function at maximum precision and accuracy in telling the time.

Luxury Watch

If we’re going to talk about precision and accuracy, nothing beats a luxury watch, on that matter. This type of watch often has handcrafted mechanisms and is equipped with expensive materials that make them a great item for collectors and connoisseurs, especially if it’s a luxury watch brand.

Watches have been around for so long and will definitely still be here for centuries. They are one of the few things that stand the test of time, and we hope that we were able to give you a glimpse of the wonderful world of watches. Here’s to counting the moments that count.

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