5 Professions Where Wearing Silicone Wedding Ring Should be a Requirement

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For most people, wearing their wedding ring to the office every day is normal. For others, it can be a work hazard. Precious metals such as gold or silver can harm the wearer if it interacts with heat or electricity. That is why, in many fields, silicone wedding rings are becoming popular. If you belong to this list, consider getting a silicone wedding ring to wear while at work:

Medical Professionals

Medical Practiotioners

There are several standards that medical professionals have to adhere to during work hours. Their hands have to be sanitized before attending patients and handling sensitive specimens in the lab, for example. The rings on their fingers, especially those that have diamonds or other expensive stones, may cut through the latex gloves they are wearing. In other words, a traditional wedding ring is just not suited for the profession.
That is why silicone bands are the prefered rings for nurses and doctors. They no longer have to worry about needing to remove their rings constantly only to put it back again a few seconds or minutes later. Silicone rings are also soft. There is no risk that it may cut a patient while the nurse or a doctor is looking after them. This, surprisingly, can happen with ring bands made of gold or silver and have a stone attached to it.


It is crucial for electricians to remove their traditional wedding ring while at work. Metals such as gold, silver, and platinum — all of which are typically used as a wedding ring band — conduct electricity. One accidental contact between the ring and a live wire can seriously harm or even kill an electrician. Those who wear silicone rings do not have such problems because the material is non-conductive. It is safe to be worn even when at work.


Firefighters should consider wearing a silicone ring while on duty. The materials used to manufacture traditional wedding rings are also not safe to be worn around high temperatures. Moreover, firefighters work with their hands, often in dangerous situations. During an accident, a silicone ring will be easy to remove or cut off if needed. It would take a little more effort to slip a gold or silver ring off of an injured finger.


Most mechanics decide not to wear their expensive wedding rings to work. Because they work with vehicles, it is easy to scrape or soil the jewelry. The ring might also slip off without them knowing. Moreover, there is a risk that the ring will be caught in the machinery and might endanger their safety.

Silicone rings are affordable that, as soon as it loses its vibrant color, you can easily buy a new one. When it gets snagged, the band will just break away, removing the risk of a serious injury.


Mother with her son

Being a mom is a tough job. Caring for a kid, especially babies, is challenging because they are just so delicate. That is why, when you need to attend to your child, it is advisable that your wedding ring should be removed in the meantime.
Traditional wedding rings, especially those that have diamonds or other stones, may scratch your child’s gentle skin. Meanwhile, silicone rings are soft. There is no risk of injuring your child while you breastfeed, bathe, or cuddle them. Silicone rings are also easy to clean and comfortable to wear — perfect for a day of doing chores.

Traditional wedding rings are nice, but they’re not that convenient for specific professions. If you still want that diamond ring, then why not get two rings?

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