4 Ways to Make Office Uniforms Look Cool

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Office uniforms may promote a sense of belonging, but let’s face it, most are boring. And when one doesn’t like what they wear, don’t be surprised if they come to work grumpy.

That doesn’t mean that you have to ditch those uniforms. Instead, learn how to combine function with fashion with these tips:

1. Add a Pop of Color

White is immaculate, but it’s also plain. Let’s not forget that it makes dirt and dust prominent. It’s also one of the most delicate colors to deal with in the laundry.

To add some pizzazz, throw in some colors, perhaps a hint of red or yellow. You can even include neon around the collars or sleeves. These shades need not be dominant, but they are enough to make the shirt appear livelier.

2. Maximize Your Custom-made Workwear

Your work uniform is more likely custom-made, but do you know you can do more to the design? Here’s how you can make the most of those custom-printed work shirts:

  • Include their nickname! It saves you from using nameplates, which are added costs. Calling workers by the ones they prefer will also help ease the tension and even promote better professional relationships.
  • Allow your logo to shine. If you have an awesome one, why don’t you show it off? You can have it bigger and printed at the center or the back.
  • Include your catchphrase too! Your slogan is just as powerful as your other brand assets. Remember Nike’s ‘Just Do it’?

3. Make It More Flexible

When choosing your staff’s workwear, you might want to focus on versatility besides design and function. In other words, they will find it easier to pair it with whatever they have. Take, for example, a collar-buttoned shirt.

  • Men can wear this shirt with a pair of khaki pants and loafers. However, they can also swap these loafers with sneakers for a more casual look (especially during the summer).
  • Women can also wear the same shirt and then complement it with a midi skirt and a pair of low-heeled heels or sandals. Or they can do it men’s way: sneakers and jeans.
  • During winter, collared shirts can still go well with a denim or cotton jacket.

4. Offer Some Training

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As a company, perhaps training how to wear the uniform might be the last thing in your to-do list. You might not even include it. But your team can benefit from it for the following reasons:

  • You can get more ideas on how to make their uniform more pleasurable to wear.
  • All of you can see how the uniform could look like in different situations, clothes, and accessories.
  • It’s a fun activity! When you have a stressful workplace, any kind of break is undoubtedly welcome.
  • It makes your employees feel that you care.
  • It can even boost engagement in the workplace as you can throw ideas and suggestions.
  • This training will help all of you feel confident to wear the brand even outside the workplace.

Your workwear is one of the best ways to promote not only your brand but also the culture of your organization. Make it fun to wear for everyone with these suggestions.

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