Your Guide to Adjusting an EMA Sleep Appliance


In this informative YouTube video, Jim, a lab technician at the Center for TMJ and Sleep Apnea, delves into the functionality of the oral EMA sleep appliance and provides detailed instructions on how to make adjustments to enhance its effectiveness. He underscores the significance of adjusting the appliance only when patients still experience symptoms like snoring, apnea events, drowsiness, or daytime sleepiness.

Jim elucidates that the EMA appliance operates by advancing the lower jaw to expand the airway, and adjustments involve modifying the elastic straps connecting the upper and lower components of the device. These straps, differentiated by numbers, dictate the extent of jaw protrusion, with longer straps facilitating greater advancement.

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Stressing a cautious approach, Jim recommends making adjustments incrementally and advocates changing the straps every three weeks if symptoms persist.

A notable highlight is Jim’s emphasis on developing a protocol for sleep technicians when scheduling patients with the EMA appliance for a sleep study. The protocol guides the technician in selecting the appropriate strap length during the study, aiding in optimizing the appliance’s impact and minimizing apnea events. Jim concludes the video by expressing gratitude to viewers and patients alike for their attention and engagement with the instructional content.


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