The Starter Guide to Elevate Your College Experience


Every chapter in our lives comes with its own set of challenges and possible triumphs. University is very much the same. However, unlike our previous experiences, our parents won’t be around to guide us throughout our journey. That leaves us to fend off for ourselves in this otherwise strange world.

A university is indeed an unfamiliar place. It can be overwhelming and frightening at certain points, regardless of how long one has been a student on campus. Check out the tips below to get a better grasp of this new chapter.

Upgrade Your Dorm Room

First-year students often have to live in the university residence halls for at least a year before traipsing off to off-campus housing. If you’re in the same situation, you might have heard of how underwhelming or, at worst, unpleasant college dorms are. That can be difficult to deal with, considering your assigned dorm will be your home for the next semester or two.

It doesn’t have to stay that way, though. By bringing in the right decor and furniture, you can improve your dorm to the point that it’ll be unrecognizable. To achieve such a feat, look out for these things when you’re going shopping online or in a furniture store in Salt Lake City.

  • Bed Risers – These are the perfect item to lift your bed if you can’t lift it. Raising your bed frame will free more space underneath it, allowing you to slide in your suitcases and storage boxes for clothes and other belongings.
  • Multiple Beddings – Bring at least two sets of everything, such as sheets, comforters and blankets, and pillowcases. Routinely changing your sheets, be it every week or two weeks, prevents germs from building up, thus leaving you healthy and keeps your bed comfortable when you need the rest.
  • Wall Design – To spruce up your plain walls, bring along either posters, photos, or removable wallpapers. For the first two options, there are poster tapes that allow you to stick them onto the wall without ruining the item. Meanwhile, removable wallpapers won’t damage the walls upon removal.
  • Lighting – Dorm rooms come with the main light and, sometimes, a small desk lamp to aid you in your studies. However, you can further brighten up your room and enhance its style with string or fairy lights that you can attach on the walls or over your bed. These lights help create a serene feeling without taking up too much energy.

Expand Your Network


A better part of the university is the opportunity to meet and mingle with new people. The first instance where you get to do so is during your classes, but don’t let it stop there. Regardless of your chosen school, there are student organizations that you can apply for. Some are primarily for academic subjects or sports, while others lean towards interests and other miscellaneous topics. A prime example of the latter is theater.

In these spaces, you’ll come across all sorts of characters, even ones that come from different programs. By interacting with these people, you’re opening yourself up to the opportunity of entering social circles outside of your classmates and block mates. You’ll also get to hone either your skills or knowledge (sometimes both), depending on the organization that you join.

Bring The Essentials

Essentials” differ for each person, but some items that you shouldn’t be caught without are phone chargers, earphones or headphones (noise-canceling, if possible), reusable water bottles, spare pens, and first aid with prescription medicine. Over time, the list of your essentials will grow as you settle in.

You’ll find that coming prepared, be it for classes or university life in general, will make the overall experience better. While still overwhelming, there’s less of a chance of you getting caught off guard.

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