Keeping a Dog-Friendly Home: What You Need to Do


If you have a pup, you’re more than likely aware that they can get into just as much trouble with children since they’re naturally curious animals. They may go snooping around the house, which can be dangerous or even fatal. That’s why you need to keep your home as dog-friendly as possible—for everyone’s safety.

Here are some ways you can make your home dog-friendly, protecting your pets and home.

Move Toxic and Sharp Things Away from Their Reach

The last thing any dog owner would want to happen is their furry companion accidentally ingesting toxic items like medications, which can lead to fatal consequences since most of these are deadly for animals. So, keep your meds on a shelf up high or store them inside your bathroom cabinets. Additionally, keep sharp things such as dog grooming shears or regular scissors away from their reach as it can accidentally injure them too.

Buy Trash Cans with Lids

Thanks to their naturally curious personalities, your dog may snoop around everything around your home—including the trash bins. Unless you want garbage strewn across your floor or your pup getting sick frequently, swap your short wastebaskets for taller trash cans with lids. Ensure the trash can is durable and secure, or place them in a closed-off area to prevent your pet from getting into it or knocking it over.

Cover and Hide Cords

Protect your dog from accidental shocks and burns by adding durable cord covers or applying deterrent sprays on electric cords around the home, including ones from charges and power cables. You can also deter them from chewing on these things by giving them a better outlet for their ‘chewing tendencies,’ so stock up on plenty of chew toys.


Watch Out for Poisonous Houseplants

Although houseplants may appear harmless, it can cause serious problems when ingested by a pup. From mild irritation, upset stomach to organ failure—all these can happen from the tiniest nibble. Regardless, if you still want to add houseplants, avoid Sago Palm, Castor Bean, and the American Yew, as these are the most potent to dogs.

Set Limits

Since dogs are curious by nature, expect your furry companion to explore as much as possible around the home and test their limits. To prevent them from wandering to dangerous places, like the kitchen or bathroom, set up baby gates or pens, and keep the doors closed to keep them from getting into any mishap. Doing this doesn’t restrict their movements and possibly make them agitated or even more restless. It keeps them safe and their curiosity satisfied.

Hide Batteries

Whether it’s batteries from remote controls, electronic toys, or key fobs, anything that contains batteries should be kept well out of reach from your dog. That’s because not only can they chew and swallow these small parts, it may burn your puppy’s throat on the way down—so do your best to keep it away from their paws.

As you begin making your home into a dog-friendly abode, remember that some things that aren’t a threat to you can still be dangerous to your furry companion. So, stay proactive and follow the tips mentioned for a safer and more comfortable home for everyone.

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