Give Your Home a Nautical Feel with Beach-Inspired Landscaping


Owning a beach house is a dream come true for most people.  Nothing can be more relaxing than living in a home that gives you unlimited access to sun, sand, and sea all year round. Even if you live miles away from the nearest beach, you can still give your home a summery, beachy feel with some nautical-inspired landscape ideas.

You don’t have to live near the seashore to incorporate these nautical themes into your backyard landscaping. Here are five ways to do it.

Start with Your Entrance

Landscape designs that have a nautical theme starts at your gate. Welcome your guests with a yard address sign that would look perfect on the beach, like hand painted wooden arrows. You can adorn these signs with shells for a nice, nautical feel.  If you want a more masculine look, you can drape ship chains over the arrows to evoke the ocean.

Get Creative with Your Fence

Instead of the usual white picket fence, you can use ship’s ropes tied around wooden posts as your fence. You can also use chains for a sturdier fence.

Consider a Small Pool or Artificial Pond

While a body of water is not absolutely essential for a home to have a 100 percent beach house feel, it would definitely look and feel nicer if there is a body of water in your yard, even if it is small or artificial. If a full-sized pool that needs to be dug from the ground up is out of the question, there are many smaller-sized above ground swimming pool designs you can choose from, sized just right for a quick dip and maybe some light wading. You can also choose a kid-friendly inflatable pool.

If you have the time and resources, a small artificial pond may be a good investment. It also allows you to incorporate some beach elements, such as pebbles, some shells, or maybe small fishes.


Incorporate a Sandbox

A sandbox might sound like it is only attractive to small children, but it amplifies the beach theme in your space. If a pool or an artificial pond is not feasible, a sandbox lets you get the feeling of being on the shore. Accentuating it with small buckets and shovels, plus some seashells here and there can transport you and your kids to the beach instantly. You can also opt for landscaping rocks in Utah that are similar to the natural rocks you can find near the ocean.

Grow Plants that Thrive by the Sea

Plants are always a good natural accent. One beach-appropriate variety is the rosa rugosa, also known as the beach rose as it is ubiquitous at Northeastern US beaches. They grow very well near the ocean but won’t be out of place in a suburbs, too. Additionally, they thrive under challenging conditions. They are popular for being able to tolerate drought and poor soils and are able to withstand high winds.

You can also plant some beach grass or dune grass in place of lawn grass. Just like ornamental grasses, beach grass is meant to grow tall and can instantly evoke a beachy feel—plus you don’t have to mow it.

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