On the Aniversary of the Death of Our Matriarch Rachel
Thousands of Women Across the Globe will
Remember Rachel


The offical obserance of her anos/yahrzeit/hillula will begin on Saturday night 12 November 2016 and continue until Sunday night 13 November until sundown.
Open your home to your friends and family for an evening of Tehillim,
or find the closest home where Tehillim will be recited.

In Israel you can contact:
Dale Baranowski via e-mail at rachelstomb.efrata@gmail.com
Organized by The Freinds of Rachel's Tomb.

Please note that there will be NO appeal for donations at these gatherings.
However, to contribute directly to the Friends of Rachel's Tomb please click here.


The Friends of Rachel's Tomb
Dale Baranowski, Director, P.O. Box 24, 90942000 Elazar, Israel

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