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Thank you for your interest in the Rachel's Tomb and our committee. From time to time there will be news updates concerning the Tomb as well as news about the situation in Bethlehem.

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Submissions of Graphic Material...

We would gratefully accept photographs and graphics of Rachel's Tomb and put them up as they would contribute greatly to the look and feel of this site.  However, we may not put up graphic materials that are previously copyrighted and we must take care that all submitted items are not copyrighted by some other organization.

If you would like to submit graphic materials that you own the copyrights, feel free to submit them with a permission statement stating that we may use them for our website.  Also it's essential to keep us informed of your contact information so that we may contact you for permisson if some organization wants to use your graphic materials for their purposes or puplications.  We will not wilingly allow others to infringe on your copyrights.

Old photos or graphics more than 70 years old found in magazines or books are fine for putting on this site as they would be in the public domain.  Personal photos, both old and recent, would be fine, too, so long as they haven't been copyrighted or published somewhere else.  If you have any material of this sort and would like to submit it to us for inclusion into this web site, kindly contact us by fax, e-mail, and regular post and include a copy of the photo or graphic.  Please do not send precious photos or ones that are irreplaceable as we can not be responsible for loss or damage of the item. The ideal method to send us graphic materials would be to scan them and send them by e-mail.


Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Dale Baranowski, Director, The Freiends of Rachel's Tomb