Prayers For Those In Need

Rachel's  Tomb was also created as a place of prayer.  Ya'acov himself told his son Yosef that he buried Rachel along the side of the road before Efrat so that in the future when the Jewish people would be exiled from the Land Of Israel, they would be able to stop at the Tomb of their Matriarch and pray there.  Since that day, for three thousand years, Jews have gone to Rachel's Tomb to pray and pour out their hearts to God at the tomb of Rachel our Mother.

Prayers and Mishaberachs are said daily for the sick, the childless and those in need of Divine Intervention. We are happy to pray on behalf of anyone, Jew and gentile alike.  Tehillim (Psalms) are recited and Mishnayot are learned by students at Rachel's Tomb in the name of anyone in need.

Keep in mind, though, since it is forbidden to pray to anyone other than God Himself. We never pray to Mother Rachel nor to Yeshu/Jesus. Praying to dead "saints" is a nornal part of other religions but we pray only to the Holy One, blessed be He and Him alone without intermediary nor will we ever invoke any "son of God".

The reason that prayers offered at Rachel's Tomb are more efficacious is because we connect with the merit of Rachel's life. Mother Rachel was great in deeds and in faith, by offering prayers at her tomb we associate ourselves with the goodness that was part of her life and so, our tradition says, God especially listens to our prayers there.

If you or a loved one are in need of special prayers in Rachel's Tomb, please print out the form below and submit it to The Committee For Rachel's Tomb by whatever means you decide to be most expedient -- by e-mail, FAX or standard post.  Requests may be submitted by FAX but one should first call the Director at +972-2-993-1727 make certain that the FAX machine is on. Our postal address is listed below.

Full Hebrew name of individual in need:_______________________________________

Full Hebrew name of that individual's mother: ___________________________________



If you would like an e-mail response that prayers have been said on behalf of the person above
please submit the following information:

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