A Photographic Tour Of Rachel's Tomb
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The following is the earliest  photograph that has come to us.  It was taken sometime before the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.  This photo was heavily colored by hand.  Note the chandelier that was lowered.  This illuminating device could be lowered by a rope over a pulley in order to comfortably light and service the candles, and once lit it was pulled up and secured in place.



2-1. Inside the entrance
looking down the corridor.


2-2. Corridor --
looking south.

2-3. Twin pillars mark the entrance
to the older structure of the tomb.


2-4. View of Turkish pillars--
although originally placed...


2-5. ...flanking the road at the entry 
to Bethlehem...

2-6. ...they were moved to the entrance of Rachel's Tomb by Arabs between 1967 and 1948.

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