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Links to sites that have direct relevance
to Rachel, our Matriarch, or her Tomb:

An article by Emanuel A. Winston:
The local Arab press has advised Jews:

Likoed Nederland:  Recent statements by PLO officials concerning Jewish holy sites
and Jewish history are disconcerting. PLO officials have claimed that Rachel's Tomb,
the Western Wall and the Cave of the Patriarchs were never Jewish sites:


The following are links to to other sites that have special Jewish interest indirectly connected to Rachel's Tomb. We encourage visiting these sites and taking them to heart:

The Vendyl Jones Research Institutes sponser:
Providing information about the growing B'nai Noah and how non-Jews should observe the 7 Universal Laws.  This site also provides information about the projects of archeologist Vendyl Jones.  Jones has merited the finding of significant objects and sites from the time the Children of Israel have entered the Land as well as from 1st and 2nd Temple periods.  Jones has great potential to make more finds of an astounding nature, as he is on the trail of the Ark of the Covenant and the original Temple equipment.

The Jewish Community of Hebron needs your support very much!
Except under the threat of death Jews have lived in Hebron since Temple times, the city of the Patriarchs & Matriarchs. Now the "peace process" threatens their homes and, at times, their lives. The Jewish community of Hebron has been under siege by the PLO every evening until the wee hours of the morning.  Please visit for news about the Hebron Jewish community as well as information about places of interest to visit in Hebron.
The Zion Peace Corps, "Gidud Ivri", is an organization that helps Israel's defense in many practical ways.
They send volunteers to guard the communities that are most in need they also buy and train dogs that sniff for explosives.
Please explore their site as they have many worthwhile projects that deserve your attention! must rank among the very top sites that explain Israel's situation intellegently, honestly, fortrightly and occasionally with a wry sense of humor.  The writing is good, clever, and no-nonsense.

We cordially invite you to the Library of The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy.
Here you will find, among other subjects,
—the most comprehensive analysis of Israel’s political and judicial institutions
—their destructive flaws and how they may be remedied.

Aish HaTorah is an apolitical, international network of Jewish educational centers, providing
 opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage in an
 atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect:

Gamla Shall Not Fall Again!

Ohr Somayach International: Ohr Somayach Yeshiva has a very fascinating site concerning
Holidays, Torah Weekly, Parsha Q&A, Weekly Daf, Notes, Ethics,
  Childrens' Torah,  Israel Forever, Ask the Rabbi and more:
Take the Biblical Tour of Hebron:

Israel National Radio For the latest reliable news from Israel in English as well as talk-shows:
If you'd like this same site but in Hebrew go to
(Note that in order to display the Hebrew site properly
you'll need Hebrew fonts installed on your PC.)

Israel National Television now provides a daily television news broadcast.
Well worthwhile!


IMRA: Independent Media Review & Analysis, Full of insight, Dr. Aaron Learner, Director gets to the essentials of the mentalities of those behind the news with commentary and articles.  For those who are interested in keeping up with what's happening in Israel this is a site you should defiantly check out.  Dr. Learner has an e-mail subscription service that sends out the latest directly to your e-mail every day.  Well worthwhile!

Women In Green, an organization of courageous and outspoken women:

Shema Yisrael Torah Network-- Specially featured sites of Jewish
interest and learning:

Israelis are Missing-In-Action, your attention and help may bring them home!
Smooth Stone Is a content-rich information fact and opinion blog that advocates, educates, professes, afirms, defends and furnishes facts about the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel.

Israel -- Appointment With Destiny
Pastor Rawson has been hailed as a voice calling in the wilderness of secularism,
calling Jews to embrace their religious roots and NOT to convert to the Christian Churches.
In this site he warns of the dangers of Jews acepting support from Evangelical Christians
as their aim is to use such support, be it psychological or financial,
as a tool to promote their missionary activities.

Political Satire: for a humorous and
honest view of life in Israel click here!

The Friends of Rachel's Tomb
Dale Baranowski, Director, P.O. Box 24, 9094200 Elazar, Israel


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