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Below is a short compilation of letters to the Committee For Rachel's Tomb and our responses.

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>  > From: (Fatima)
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> > Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 10:26 PM
>  > Subject: Dale Baranowski
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Fatima: > > After reading Dale's words of hatred...
> >
> > "Changing the mentality of the Arab people after centuries of intolerance
> > and hate toward Jews is not likely to happen."

Every human being alive has a cultural mentality, and a vast majority of humanity is unaware of this fact unless they move to another culture and experience the differences compared to what they grew up with the new culture.  Sadly, Arab culture in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and most of the Middle East is a cultural mentality that is not at peace with themselves nor with the rest of the non Muslim world.

> >The local Arabs have fostered a
> > culture that praises the mass-murder of Jews
> > and they continue to teach their
> > children to regard the annihilation of Jews as the highest aspiration, and
> > encourage them to become kamikazes.
> >  There is a very strong possibility that the only means that State of Israel
> >  can defend herself of thousands of such morally
> > repugnant people is to expel every Arab that has ever raised a finger or
> > voiced a word hostile to the Children of Israel.  For even if hostilities stop,
> > Jews will live next to an Arab culture that continues to promote
> > mass-death to
> >  Jews, and certainly no one can be expected to live with neighbors of that
> >  caliber. "....

Fatima:   How can the world ever expect peace?

Peace can be achieved. For starters it requires terrorists like Yassir Arafat top be wiped off the face of the earth. It requires  terrorist organizations like Jihad Islami and Hamas to be denounced as evil by all good Arabs. It requires the world's leaders stop turning a blind eye to terrorists and terror groups like Arafat, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the PLO.  It requires the world's leaders and common people stop giving them money, praise and adulation.  Fatima, will you publicly denounce Jihad Islami, Hamas and the PLO publicly in front of your own people???

>  I am a Peace loving Muslim & I know many others like me.
> Islam does not teach hatred.

It's a fact that the local Arab culture with active support from the Muslim clergy is proclaiming that suicide bombing of Jews by their people is a religious obligation. That's not a statement of hate, that's an objective fact.
See www.rachelstomb.org/sermon.html

If that isn't sufficiently convincing see the article: "Contemporary Islamist Ideology Authorizing Genocidal Murder"at http://memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Page=archives&Area=sr&ID=SR2504

Local Arab culture teaches their children that martyrdom is the ideal. Refer to the article:
“2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom” from

Islam's primary source books, the Koran, the Hadith all testify to a violent religion in theory as well as practice.  Craig Winn read standard published English translations of the Koran and Hadith and concluded the following:

"There is but one Islam, a singular correct view of Muhammad, his religion, and his god.  It is the one found in the Qur’an and Hadith. There is no independent record of Muhammad in history from which a variant view may be drawn. The Hadith and Qur’an are the sole repository of information on this man, his times, means, and mission. The Muhammad of Islam, the god of Islam, and the religion of Islam must be as these sources present them. Prophet of Doom is dedicated to exposing Islam’s scriptures and what Muhammad had to say about himself,his ambition, religion, and god."

"Islam rises and falls on Muhammad.  He is the doctrine’s sole prophet, its lone founder, its god’s singular conduit.  Yet the picture the Islamic scriptures paint is not flattering.  I analyzed the five most holy Islamic books and spent two years studying Muhammad and his message. What I found was bone chilling. The depiction of the prophet by the most revered Muslim sources is horrendous. Nearly every page reveals behavior that is immoral, criminal, and violent.   The five oldest and most trusted Islamic sources don’t portray Muhammad as a great and godly man. They reveal that he was a thief, liar, assassin, mass murderer, terrorist, warmonger, and an unrestrained sexual pervert engaged in pedophilia, incest, and rape. He authorized deception, assassinations, torture, slavery, and genocide.  He was a pirate, not
a prophet.  According to the Hadith and the Qur’an, Muhammad and his henchmen plundered their way to power and prosperity.  And by putting the Qur’an in chronological order and correlating it with the context of Muhammad’s life as it was reported in the Sira, Sunnah and Hadith, we also find that Allah mirrored his prophet’s character.Muhammad’s god condoned immoral and criminal behavior. Allah boasts about being a terrorist.  He claims to have deceived men, to have stolen their property, to have enslaved women and children, to having committed acts of murder, genocide, and sadistic tortures."

"Islam has been at war with everyone, including itself, for 1400 years.  In Prophet Of Doom you'll see why Muslims celebrate their “victories,” no matter how many innocents perish. You'll learn why their state-controlled media promotes terror. You'll know why their state-controlled schools teach hate. It will become evident why imams encourage martyrdom and jihad. You will discover Islam’s goals and read what it has to say about itself. You will see how violent conquest, racist genocide, and the spoils of war established the doctrine and turned a failed prophet into a world-renowned profiteer. I recognize that these words are incompatible with the prevailing notions of our politicians, religious leaders, and media. Yet the evidence is unambiguous and ubiquitous.The truth is undeniable: today’s terrorists haven’t corrupted their religion. Islam has corrupted them. They are following their prophet’s example."

Craig Winn has published the reasons for his conclusions, which included quoted passages of the Koran & Hadith which can be found in his entire book on www.prophetofdoom.net and you may read it there directly. I highly recommend that everyone go to this site. Unfortunately, the religion that the Hadith describes
is precisely the way the local Arabs here behave.

>  How quickly people forget that the "Arab culture" is not
>  the problem.

The local Arabs in Judea, Samaria & Gaza, with the full approval, support and encouragement of the Muslim clergyin this area, are brainwashing parents and children to become suicide genocidal bombers. We have pictures of actual Muslim children showing how they've been indoctrinated into a culture of murder and war against Jews. Download a Power Point presentation from with these details from:

>  A Terrorist is not considered a "Muslim" in mainstream Islam.

True enough.  But then out here in Judea, Muslims don’t call the suicide bomber a “terrorist,” they call them “martyrs” instead.  Slaughtering Jewish women, children and men by  is not considered to be murder against innocents, but rather they call it an act of “jihad” or some other euphemism so that they are never called “terrorists”.  Out here the Arabs love to think they change reality by changing the label of a person or act.

> Nor should >  a true follower of the
> LAWS OF THE JEWISH PROPHETS (the same Profits that
>  Muslims honor) label an entire group of people "morally repugnant".

I didn’t brand every Muslim alive as “morally repugnant” I wrote that the local Arabs in Israel who actively and passively support terrorism and the genocidal slaughter of Jews are patently evil and we can not possibly live with them.In fact, no one is able to live with such people.

>  I will continue to pray for you
>  and others who are filled with hatred like you.

We Jews of Judea have been taught a bit of Arabic by the Imams (Muslim clergy) when they have broadcast their sermons from the public address systems from their minarets.  They have taught us the phrase “Itback al-Yahud!”  as it has been repeated hundreds of times at 200 decibels from their mosques amplifiers.  “Itback al-Yahud” means “slaughter the Jews!” and they've repeated it so often and so loudly that we couldn't help but learn it, for they taught it to us.  The Arabs in these parts also occasionally scream “Kefir Yahud!”  (“Infidel Jews!”)  and Hazir Yahud!” (Jewish Pigs!”) from their mosques. If anything you should be talking with your fellow Muslims out here to get them to act with love to Jews, for the truth is that they're the ones who hate us and make no secret of the fact.  Better you should be praying for the safety of Jews from your
fellow Muslims because these Muslims out here regard us as their targets!

Incidentally, I hate terrorism and I hate terrorists. It doesn't matter if the terrorist is a Muslim, a Hindu, and Eskimo or a Hottentot.  A terrorist is a terrorist in no matter which culture he operates within or operates against.

>  May God bless you and keep your heart pure and mind clear
>  & fill the world
>  with peace and understanding.

That prayer has been answered completely!  That’s why I write this!

>  Amen
>  from:
>  Fatimah

The Friends of Rachel's Tomb
Dale Baranowski, Director, P.O. Box 24, 9094200 Elazar, Israel

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