Arab Violence At Another Jewish Tomb
Unfortunately, our Arab cousins are not known for their tolerance and acceptance of Jews praying at Jewish holy sites. The following is an example of what we can expect from the PLO/Palestinian Authority if any Jewish holy site it turned over to their control. This is a news article from Arutz-7's e-mail news service ( from 27 April 2000 describing how the PLO had taken over the Tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik ("Simon the Righteous") in Jerusalem:


"Violence erupted this afternoon in Jerusalem's Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood.  Eight Jewish families now live in what only 50 years ago was a Jewish neighborhood, located just over a main highway leading from the Old City to the northern suburbs.  About 100 Palestinians, led by PLO official Feisal Husseini and other Palestinian Authority figures, appeared at the site of an ancient synagogue in the neighborhood this afternoon to protest today's court decision permitting Jews to pray there.  At issue, specifically, is a fence built by Arabs last week around the site, which prevents the Jews from entering the site.

"Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler reports that police are not allowing Jewish worshippers from tearing down the fence and entering the synagogue - which is actually a cave - for fear that the violence will re-erupt.  The District Court, which rejected this afternoon an Arab appeal of the original court decision, ordered the Arabs to tear down at least part of the fence by this evening.  If the Arabs do not comply, the police have been ordered to tear down the fence.  The situation continues to be tense, in anticipation of a showdown."

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