Film Depicting The Destruction of Joseph's Tomb
& The Implications For Rachel's Tomb

The Committee For Rachel's Tomb has prepared a short 5-minute film taken from actual news footage that was originally photographed when Arabs attacked and razed the Patriarch Joseph's Tomb & Yeshiva in Shechem ("Nablus").   The scenes herein show the Arabs attacking the Tomb, firing into it, burning the contents and razing the structure.

They destroyed Joseph's Tomb and immediately rebuilt it as a mosque and now claim that it was never Joseph's Tomb at all but rather the grave of a Muslim clergyman of note.  They now claim that it is a Muslim holy place and assert exclusive rights to it.  Thus all non-Muslims will henceforth be barred from the site.

The implications for Rachel's Tomb are clear from this:  What the Arabs did unto Joseph's Tomb they claim that they will do unto Rachel's Tomb.  Since the government of Ehud Barak sat by and allowed this destruction there was nothing that indicated that his government would have taken steps to stop this from happening at Rachel's Tomb.  The government of Ariel Sharon announced that the policy of 'restraint' to be first priority and has allowed Jews to be murdered by terrorist bombs and shot to death. Until very recently Ariel Sharon's response has been to largely turn the other cheek at terorists.  With this in mind it is entirely concievable that Rachel's Tomb may be abandoned by the goverment and the Arabs allowed to repeat what they did to Joseph's Tombl with our 3rd-holiest relgious site.

  • This film is free, available for immediate downloading and must be viewed with a Real Player plug-in.  If your PC doesn't have Real Player, their plugin can also be downloaded for free -- just click here.  Once you've installed and configured Real Player (it's very easy!) then download the the Rachel's Tomb film by clicking here and view the film.

  • The Friends of Rachel's Tomb
    Dale Baranowski, Director, P.O. Box 24, 9094200 Elazar, Israel

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