Obtaining Permission to use
Copyrighted Graphics from this Website

As much as we'd love to freely give away photos from this site not every graphic found here is in the public domain. There are rightful owners to many graphics here and their copyrights must be upheld.

We are rather liberal about granting permission, however, before we do we require some basic information about who will use, what they'll be used for and where our graphic materials will appear.  So if you write us with such a request please include the following points and you'll save both us and yourself time and effort:

  • Please let us know precisely which graphic material(s) are requested.
  • Please give us the full name of the publication that the graphics will appear, or the use that they will have.
  • Please include the full name of the publisher or writer of the article(s) that will be ultimately responsible for these graphics.
  • Also give us the full postal address (and e-mail address, if possible) of the above individual.
  • Please let us know the location (city, state, provence, country, etc.)  this publication is expected to be released.
  • Finally, please let us know the date that this article or publication is expected to be released.
  • In the past we've had a number of curious requests for the use of unspecified graphics that have come from anonymous persons for an unmentioned publication of an nonspecific location.  Although we would have liked to have granted them permission, we may not legally give blanket permission to Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace to use these graphics -- for to do so would make giving such permission utterly meaningless.

    Feel free to direct your requests for such permission to the us via e-mail at rachelstomb.efrata@gmail.com or letter.

    Thank you for your cooperation on this matter!

    Dale Baranowski

    The Friends of Rachel's Tomb
    Dale Baranowski, Director, P.O. Box 24, 9094200 Elazar, Israel

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